16 GB RTX 3070 Mod Shows Impressive Performance Gains

YouTuber Paulo Gomes recently posted a video showcasing how he modded a client's Nvidia RTX 3070, which was already one of the top-performing graphics cards, with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. The change resulted in some significant improvements in performance for memory-intensive systems. In Resident Evil 4, the 16 GB mod performed 9 times better than the 8 GB version in 1% drops, resulting in notably smoother gameplay.

Unlike previous memory modifications we’ve seen on cards like the RTX 2070, Gomes’ RTX 3070 mod required additional work on the PCB for the 16 GB memory configuration to function properly. The modder had to ground some of the resistors on the PCB to trick the graphics card into accommodating the higher-capacity memory integrated circuits needed to double the VRAM capacity on the RTX 3070.

Aside from this mod, the memory swap was carried out as usual. The modder removed the original memory chips provided on the graphics card, cleaned the PCB, and installed new Samsung memory integrated circuits of 2 GB that would comprise the new 16 GB configuration. Other than some initial flickering that was resolved by running the GPU in high-performance mode from the Nvidia Control Panel, the card worked flawlessly with the new modifications.

The additional 8 GB of VRAM proved to be extremely useful for improving the performance of the RTX 3070 in Resident Evil 4. The modder tested the game with both the standard 8GB configuration and the modified 16GB configuration and found massive improvements in 0.1% and 1% drops in the map. The standard card ran at a measly 1% FPS low and 0.1% FPS low, while the 16 GB card performed at 60 and 40 FPS respectively. Average frame rates also increased from 54 to 71 FPS.

Módulo RTX 3070 de 16 GB

(Crédito de la imagen: YouTube - Paulo Gomes)

This resulted in a massive upgrade to the overall gaming experience on the 16 GB RTX 3070. The notably higher 0.1% and 1% drops meant the game hardly stuttered and the performance was fluid. In contrast

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