Adobe integrates its generative AI program into Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Firefly is the generative artificial intelligence program from the creative software company.
  • Firefly is currently in beta, but will be an image generator that offers many customization options.
  • Adobe announced today that Firefly will be integrated with the various video, audio, animation, and motion graphics design applications of the company.

When the top AI image generators exploded in popularity earlier this year, Adobe announced that it was working on its very own AI generator, Adobe Firefly. Currently in beta, Adobe announced today that Adobe Firefly will be integrated into Creative Cloud programs "by later this year".

"With Firefly as your creative co-pilot, you can streamline your discovery and ideation processes, reducing post-production times from days to minutes. And with generative AI built directly into your workflows, these new powerful features and tools will be right at your fingertips. Imagine the power of instantly changing the time of a video, annotating and automatically finding relevant additional footage, or creating unlimited variations of clips, all as a jumping-off point for your creativity."

So, what can Adobe Firefly do when integrated with Creative Cloud? It will allow users to quickly add specific effects and edits to their work by creating something and then writing the effect they are looking for into a command box. For example, if you write the word "Fade" and then "molten iron 3D" into the command box, the text will appear to melt under extreme heat.

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