ASUS ROG Ally Could Crush Steam Deck If This Leaked Price Is Legit

What You Need To Know

  • The top-tier ASUS ROG Ally is rumored to cost $700, according to multiple reports and leaks.
  • This version of the ROG Ally runs on the recently announced AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor.
  • If ASUS releases the ROG Ally at this price point, the portable console would only be $51 more expensive than the high-end Steam Deck.

ASUS has been teasing information about the ROG Ally for a few weeks now, but a new type of drip is the source of the latest information about the portable gaming console. Multiple leaks and reports indicate that the ROG Ally will launch for $699.99, and that's for the high-end model with a Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and 512GB of storage.

Snoopy Tech shared information about the console's price on Twitter. A screenshot of a Best Buy listing was also shown by Khumail Thakur. The Verge also added authority to the reports. They spoke with the device's lessor, Roland Quandt, and showed data backing up the information.

The ROG Ally already looked like a promising gaming console with high-end performance. It runs on the recently announced AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor or the more modest but still impressive Ryzen Z1. The main question mark around the portable console until now was its price. Would ASUS be aggressive and compete with Steam Deck, or would it charge a premium price for what appears to be a premium device?

If the leaks and reports are accurate, ASUS has decided to go after Valve directly. A $699.99 price places the ROG Ally only $51 higher on the high end than the Steam Deck. There are no leaks yet regarding the entry-level models of the ROG Ally. ASUS could opt to keep its pricing aggressive by bringing the lower-end model of the new handheld computer closer to the price of the more affordable Steam Deck ($400).

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