Brave Search Ends Integration with Bing, Google Remains Backup Option

What You Need to Know

  • Brave has built its own search engine that previously integrated Bing API.
  • Brave announced its search engine is now completely independent.
  • Bing only represented 7% of search queries, and Brave retains the ability to use Google as backup.

Brave has been building its own search engine recently to take on Google and Microsoft, with Bing integrated into Brave Search engine.

But that's now a thing of the past as Brave has announced its search engine is now completely independent. In any case, Bing only represented a small percentage of search queries, so it won't make much of a difference.

"All web search results you see on Brave Search are now served by our own index. We have removed all Bing search API calls, which previously represented around 7% of query results".

Brave's big play, like their other web products, is privacy. Brave Search is designed as an alternative to Google or Bing. Both were included in Brave's search engine, with Bing requested for search and Google offered as an alternative if users were not satisfied with Brave Search results. The option to use Google remains.

Brave Search will no longer call Bing API. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Brave cited several reasons behind its decision to sever ties with Bing. One is adoption rate, with Brave Search now averaging 22 million search queries per day. Another though is uncertainty surrounding Bing API and in particular, its cost.

"We were concerned about Bing's service continuity, which turned out to be a prophetic concern, as Microsoft recently announced an unprecedented price hike for its API. This has put undue pressure on search engines that rely in part or in full on Bing search API."

The fact that Brave has its own independent index means it's now well-positioned to sever ties with Bing API without undue effects on their users.

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