Bungie's Marathon Is Back and Will Arrive on Xbox and PC

What You Need to Know

  • Bungie is reviving its Marathon IP, which was originally released in 1994 for Apple Macintosh computers.
  • The Marathon reboot will be set in the same universe, but it is not a direct sequel, according to the game director.
  • Marathon fulfills Bungie's wish to remain multiplatform following its acquisition by Sony.
  • The game will be released on Xbox and PC, as well as PlayStation, but currently has no release date.

Bungie is breaking its streak of releasing only one game at a time after announcing the revival of its first-person shooter game Marathon. Best of all, it will be available on Xbox, Windows PC, and PlayStation with full cross-play and cross-save support. Bungie was acquired by Sony in 2022 in a $3.6 billion deal. When the acquisition was announced, Bungie committed to continue producing cross-platform content for the lifetime of Destiny 2 and future releases.

Originally released for Apple Macintosh computers in 1994, Marathon was one of the first FPS games to give players the freedom to control the camera and look around freely using a mouse. In the original games, the player served as a security guard protecting a ship from alien invasion. Marathon director Christopher Barrett explains in the game's announcement on the PlayStation blog that this latest version of Marathon will not be a direct sequel to any of the original games.

We have great respect for the original Marathon games, and from the beginning, we wanted to honor that, especially the mythology, history, and themes of the world. At the same time, our vision for this game is something new. It's not a direct sequel to the originals but something that certainly belongs in the same universe and feels like a Bungie game.

Christopher Barrett, Director of "Marathon"

On the Marathon site, a Bungie synopsis reveals that 30,000 people have vanished without a trace from a lost colony on Tau Ceti IV, and the player, as a runner in the year 2850, will be tasked with exploring this vast ghost ship that emits signals indicating the existence of artifacts, inactive AI, and the possibility of fame and riches.

Marathon still has no release date, but it could very well join the list of the best Xbox games when it finally comes out, given Bungie's track record of creating great FPS games.

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