Capcom confirms that Exoprimal's worst feature is optional

Exoprimal is an upcoming PvP shooter that pits teams of players in a truly absurd (but impressive) futuristic arena against swarms of dinosaurs in a battle to the death. The crazy AI forces you and your comrades to fight in various theoretical war games while investigating how and why random dinosaur plagues suddenly began appearing in the present day.

While the plot doesn't make much sense, Exoprimal is surprisingly fun to play. The MMO-style trinity of tank, healer, and damage dealer works incredibly well, powered by the RE engine's ability to handle literal legions of reptile creatures on screen without touching the game's framerate. The game's design prevented it from being one of my most anticipated Xbox games, and that was in its PvP.

In its recent beta test, Exoprimal pits two teams of four players against each other in a race against various PvE-based objectives. The competition between two human teams certainly helps add a bit of dynamism to the game, which would otherwise risk being a bit formulaic. In fact, every mission scenario in the beta version played out the same way, and once the opposing team started advancing, it became increasingly difficult to catch up, even with the bonuses granted to the losing side. What made it even more irritating was the final act of each battle, which ended in a direct PvP showdown between the two teams led by humans. The problem is that PvP just didn't feel good. Balancing PvP and PvE simultaneously is an incredibly difficult tightrope to walk, and few games succeed (if any). Exoprimal certainly wasn't one of them in the beta, but the fundamental fact that the winning PvE team also gained an advantage in the PvP showdown helped make it feel like an additional insult to injury. Like other games that fall into this trap, it becomes more efficient to lose on purpose for the team that has fallen behind, creating an anti-game incentive.

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