Chinese Powerstar Processor "Confirmed" to be Intel Silicon Through Geekbench

The Chinese Powerstar P3-01105 processor appeared on the online results browser, GeekBench v5. It is important to note that the benchmark's system information section seems to confirm that this 4C/8T chip is definitely produced by Intel, as this Socket 1200 LGA chipset has a CPUID A0653 (GenuineIntel) and supposedly uses Intel Comet Lake architecture.

Earlier this month, we reported on the new first-generation Powerstar P3-01105 processor. Chinese PowerLeader presented the chip as a local product that uses "storm core" architecture, while still being compatible with x86. However, there were already many tests showing that the 'Chinese' chip was a renamed Intel Core i3-10105(F) Comet Lake processor with 4C/8T.

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