Destiny 2's Fishing Peculiarity is Driving Players Crazy

What You Need to Know

  • The new Destiny 2 Season of the Deep adds a fishing mini-game that lets players catch fish and add them to an aquarium to earn rewards.
  • Players have expressed frustration over an issue where nearby public events in the world entirely make fishing locations disappear for several minutes, preventing them from fishing and destroying their fishing directed benefit.
  • The directed fishing increases the chance of obtaining rare fish (and better rewards), but only builds up when you or other nearby players catch rare fish to start with. For this reason, it takes a long time to reach its maximum.
  • Some players believe Bungie intentionally made public events disappear from fishing areas so that players aren't constantly fishing with a full directed fish meter.

The new Destiny 2 Season of the Deep was launched on Tuesday and, so far, the relaxing fishing mini-game it introduced has dominated the launch week conversation. Head to one of the three locations (The Cistern in Nessus, the Outskirts in the EDZ, and Miasma in the Dreaming City), and players will find new fishing locations where they can cast a line and wait for something to bite. The caught fish can be added to their aquarium in the HELM, and by using the bait obtained by completing activities, you can even reel in legendary and exotic fish that reward you with gear and final materials.

The low-risk, simple activity is a great way to get solid loot in Destiny 2, especially because getting legendary or exotic fish near other players creates a directed fishing benefit that improves everyone's chances of catching additional rare fish. However, there's a big issue driving players crazy: fishing areas entirely disappear every time there's an active public event nearby. This forces everyone to wait for the event to expire or complete it and, unfortunately, both options take several minutes.

Having your fishing session interrupted by public events is quite annoying, but what frustrates people the most is that their fishing directed benefit also gets wiped. Building up directed fishing takes time because the meter only goes up when you catch legendary and exotic fish, so it's very irritating when a random public event that rewards terrible items ruins your hard work.

Fishing is great. Public events resetting your focus are not. from r/DestinyTheGame

"Fishing spots should rotate locations like public events do. Give them time to appear and disappear, since the focus meter fills up faster with more players," suggested Reddit user DarkGeno21 in a top comment. "But these spots shouldn't be affected 100% by public events or random enemy encounters."

Some players speculate that Bungie may have designed fishing locations to periodically disappear so that directed fishing doesn't constantly run dry, which could make the mini-game feel a bit too rewarding. "I think it's intentional, they probably don't want people to have a full focus meter all the time," speculated Reddit user IzunaX. "It would probably be too rewarding just playing the game, if I had to guess the reason."

Whether endangered fishing spots were an intentional design choice or not, it's hoped that developers will take note of fan feedback and make some adjustments later in the season.

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