Intel Selects Deepak Patil to Head Graphics Group, Replacing Raja Koduri

Deepak Patil has been named as the replacement for Raja Koduri as CVP and GM of the restructured Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) group. Jeff McVeigh served as interim head for AXG after Koduri left to lead a new AI game software company.

Koduri, who previously led AMD's Radeon Technologies group, joined Intel in 2017. During his time at Intel, Koduri oversaw the chipmaker's acceleration and GPU projects, including Intel Xe, Ponte Vecchio, and Arc Alchemist. He was also Executive Vice President of the AXG Group until a recent reorganization returned him to the position of Chief Architect at Intel. McVeigh, CVP and GM of the Super Compute Group (SCG), kept the AXG seat warm while Intel searched for a suitable replacement for Koduri.

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