Intel's Patent Details "Adamantine" L4 Cache of Meteor Lake

Unofficial reports that Intel's upcoming processor codenamed Meteor Lake will feature L4 cache have been circulating for some time. Now, a new patent found by VideoCardz indicates that Intel has prepared an Adamantine L4 cache mosaic with a codename that can be used for certain processors. This IC could compete with AMD's 3D V-Cache in some applications, but the chiplet will not be used solely as a performance booster.

Generally, caches are used to improve the memory subsystem's performance by quickly providing necessary data to the computing cores. But there are also other use cases, as large caches can store a lot of data. The patent suggests that Intel's Adamantine cache (or ADM) can improve communication not only between the CPU and memory but also between the CPU and security controller. For example, L4 can be used to improve boot optimization and even preserve cache data during reboots to improve loading times.