Is Windows 11 better than macOS? This MakeUseOf report says so

Windows and MacOS are globally recognized operating systems with unique features and interfaces. Therefore, choosing between the two requires careful consideration of various factors. However, according to a report published by MakeUseOf, Windows 11 outperforms MacOS in terms of overall performance and functionality.

The report indicates that Windows 11 offers enhanced multitasking capabilities through its "Snap Layouts" feature. Depending on the screen size, users can choose from six different layouts to align their windows and achieve optimal productivity. In contrast, MacOS only allows two apps to be displayed side by side, requiring more effort. Additionally, the Windows 11 taskbar offers superior functionality compared to the MacOS Dock. This is evidenced by the ability to customize the color, transparency, and alignment of app icons on the taskbar. Furthermore, the operating system enjoys better app support due to its widespread popularity as a desktop operating system.

In addition, Windows 11 offers compatibility with many Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. While this feature does not provide access to all Android apps offered on the Google Play Store, it provides a convenient way to enjoy a variety of popular Android apps on your Windows 11 PC. However, it is important to note that the macOS operating system only supports iPhones and is not compatible with Android devices. Integration between iPhone and Windows 11 devices is less seamless due to Apple's controlled approach to sharing its software and services with third parties.

Aside from that, the Phone Link feature for iPhone allows Windows 11 users to seamlessly connect their iOS devices, while macOS is only compatible with iPhones and not Android devices.

We would appreciate your feedback on your preferred operating system: Windows or macOS. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via MakeUseOf

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