Linux to Support Firewire Until 2029

Firewire is getting a new lease on life and will have extended support until 2029 in Linux operating systems. Phoronix reports that a Linux maintainer, Takashi Sakamoto, has volunteered to oversee the Firewire subsystem for Linux during this time, and will work on the Firewire core features and audio drivers for the few who still use the connectivity standard.

In addition, Takashi Sakamoto says his work will help users transition from Firewire to more modern technological standards (such as USB 2.0). Apparently, Firewire still has a large enough fan base to ensure another six years of support. But we believe this will be the final stretch for Firewire support, surrounding Linux operating systems. Once 2029 comes, it's likely that Firewire will finally be eliminated from the Linux kernel altogether.

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