Meteor Lake 16-Core Mobile CPU Appears on eBay for $999

While Intel was busy showcasing its 14th generation Meteor Lake processors at Computex 2023, others were already putting the same hybrid chips up for sale on eBay. A "new" mobile Meteor Lake processor (via harukaze5719) has surfaced on eBay for $999, and the seller has two available.

The Meteor Lake in question is a mobile variant, making it useless for anyone unless they have a compatible platform to host it. Meteor Lake will first come to laptops, which is how the marketing specialists managed to get their hands on the first Meteor Lake chips and put them up for sale. Intel has yet to confirm if it has any plans for the desktop computer. A leaked Intel roadmap claims that Meteor Lake will debut as lower-powered Core i3 and Core i5 pieces. A later rumor alleges that Intel canceled the 6P+8E configuration for the Meteor Lake desktop computer.