Microsoft reveals first designs of intelligent Snap layouts powered by Windows 11's AI capabilities

Windows 11 Snap Assist
Image courtesy: Microsoft

Windows 11 is set for a major update this fall, and one of the new features could be AI-powered Snap. The window snapping experiences are due for an AI refresh to revamp the UX soon. One of the first new features would be "Smart Snap," which aims to change the behavior of snap assist in the operating system.

An earlier version of an AI-powered smart layout design feature for Windows 11 was finally detected in previews, with plans to release it later this year. Microsoft has been internally working on the Smart Snap feature, which finally started appearing in preview builds. However, it is apparently hidden and will only work on some configurations.

Windows comes with a Snap feature that allows you to have multiple app windows on a single screen (multitasking) and enhances productivity by allowing you to choose from various layouts and sizes. This makes it easier to optimize screen space while working on specific tasks.

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced "Snap Assist," which automatically pops up after adjusting the first window, showing open windows as thumbnails to choose which windows to add to the selected layout.

You can resize the layout boxes by selecting and dragging the dividing lines, ensuring you don't waste any screen space.

Windows 11 instant AI design

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