Microsoft's Snap Assist Function in Windows 11 Gets "Snappier" with AI

Earlier this year, there were indications that Microsoft was busy working on making its Snap Assist feature smarter in Windows 11. It was further revealed that the company was looking to achieve this by incorporating AI into the functionality, which in turn introduces new smart snapping features.

The new smart snapping features included snap reminder layouts and OCR technology. Now, more information has emerged about these improvements, which may indicate that Microsoft is gearing up to offer these features to general availability through a future update.

Windows detective Zac Bowden reports that an earlier version of the feature was discovered in build 23435 of Windows 11 Preview. Additionally, he claimed that the feature is closely related to the Instant Layout interface that appears when you drag an app window up the screen.

Furthermore, in addition to the instant layouts that appear in the interface, a new row of smart layouts has also been introduced. These smart layouts would contain additional apps that Windows assumes you would like to have snapped.

Of course, this will depend on how you interact with apps and in which layouts you often organize them. As a result, it will now be easier to snap apps together instead of having to navigate Windows one app at a time.

However, PhantomOcean3 on Twitter, known for discovering hidden features in Windows 11 builds, pointed out that the Instant Snap Suggestions feature is not working properly in the instant bar. Additionally, he noted that it worked well in Instant Layout, although it had some bugs.

via Windows Central

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