Microsoft’s Windows 11 widgets get useful additions for monitoring CPU, memory, and GPU usage

Microsoft has unveiled a range of new widgets that allow Windows 11 users to monitor CPU, memory, GPU usage, and more in real-time, which is an exciting development. These additions are part of the latest version of the Dev Home app, which promises a more convenient and informative widget experience.

The new widgets, unlike the typical variety or cluttered news sources found on MSN, provide users with valuable information about their system's performance. With these widgets, users can effortlessly keep track of CPU usage, speed, memory usage, temperatures, GPU usage, as well as Wi-Fi or Ethernet speeds. While similar information can be obtained through the Game Bar, Windows Task Manager, or applications like HWiNFO64, the convenience of accessing the widgets via the Windows key + W shortcut adds an additional level of ease and accessibility.

To experience these new widgets firsthand, interested Windows 11 users can head to the Microsoft Store and install the Dev Home Preview app. Once installed, the widgets can be accessed via the Windows Widgets section (Winkey + W) and easily added using the + button at the top. It is not necessary to be a Windows Insider user to try out these new additions.

It is important to note that the current version of the Dev Home widgets is marked as "PRE," indicating their unstable and unprocessed nature. Users may experience unresponsive behavior or the occasional disappearance of the dashboard. Additionally, size compatibility is limited, and only the large variant is a viable option. However, users are hopeful that Microsoft will address these issues and improve the widget experience with future updates, with the goal of achieving a more pleasant and seamless Windows 11 experience.

Overall, the addition of these useful widgets marks a positive step forward for Windows 11 as it provides users with a convenient and efficient way to monitor their system performance and stay informed about crucial metrics.

Source: The Verge

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