New Destiny 2 Infinite Legendary Shard Farm Glitch (Update)

What You Need to Know

  • Destiny 2 players have discovered a new infinite legendary shard farming glitch that you can perform with nothing more than Glimmer.
  • The glitch entails purchasing the Guardian Games 2022 class element armor with Glimmer from your collections and then dismantling it, which for some reason currently yields 4 legendary shards with the most Glimmer you spent on it.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to farm if you never obtained this armor from last year's Guardian Games event.
  • Bungie has never taken action against players for using economic farming exploits like this, so there is no need to worry about suspensions or bans.

Update 4/21/23 10:15am PT/1:15pm ET: Unfortunately, it appears that Bungie fixed the issue very quickly, as players are reporting that it no longer works and the studio has disabled the ability to reacquire Guardian Games 2022 class items from Collections.

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Our original story is below.

If there's one currency in Destiny 2 that you're missing out on, it's probably legendary shards. They can usually only be acquired a few at a time by dismantling legendary weapons and armor, and now that there are multiple engram focuses for this resource in Bungie's popular shooter, many players are struggling to keep a healthy supply. However, thankfully, fans have discovered a new glitch that allows you to farm infinite legendary shards with nothing more than the base currency Glimmer.

To farm, first go to the Collections tab > Armor > Events and look for the Guardian Games 2022 class element armor (Medal Bond for Warlock, Mark of Medal for Titan, Medal Mantle for Hunters). Then purchase as many of these armor pieces as you can, as they only cost a small amount of Glimmer to acquire. Finally, dismantle them to receive 4 legendary shards as well as most of the Glimmer you spent added to your inventory.

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