Overwatch 2 bans over 100,000 cheaters since its launch

What You Need to Know

  • Blizzard, the developer of Overwatch 2, has revealed that they have banned over 100,000 cheaters since the game was launched in October 2022.
  • In addition, the studio has also started banning players who intentionally queue up with cheaters, resulting in "substantial account actions every week."
  • Blizzard also wants to remind players that using Lifeweaver abilities to disrupt teammates when added to Competitive play next week is not allowed, although they note that people should remember to distinguish error from sabotage.
  • In the future, Blizzard also plans to improve its streaming protections to make it harder for malicious actors to "stream snipe" content creators and ruin their matches.

When Overwatch 2 was released in October last year, many fans feared that the game's switch to free-to-play would prompt a massive influx of cheaters. To address both this and concerns about toxicity in the game, developer Blizzard introduced the Defense Matrix Initiative, an ongoing and multi-pronged strategy to ensure a fair and inclusive experience for all players.

Aside from an update in late November in which the studio outlined plans to use machine learning to identify disruptive voice chat in the game, Blizzard hasn't shared much about the initiative since its inception. However, in a new Defense Matrix Initiative blog post, developers revealed that action has been taken against over 100,000 cheaters since Overwatch 2 became available.

"Since the launch of Overwatch 2, we have penalized over 100,000 accounts worldwide that used a variety of cheats, including 'aimbots' and 'wallhacks'," wrote Blizzard in the post. "In most cases, these accounts have been permanently blocked."

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