Overwatch 2's Hero, Lifeweaver, to Receive Major Benefits Alongside Control Overhaul

What You Need to Know

  • Alec Dawson, the Lead Hero Designer for Overwatch 2, has revealed that the game's new hero, Lifeweaver, will soon receive significant benefits.
  • Specifically, her Healing Blossom ammo is being increased and her slow effect is being reduced, her Thorn Volley spread is being decreased, Tree of Life is receiving more health and healing, and the Parting passive is being completely removed.
  • These benefits will come with Lifeweaver's control overhaul arriving on April 25th.
  • A preview of these benefits will be available on April 21st in a blog post and a live question-and-answer session with Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller.

Overwatch 2's new support hero, Lifeweaver, has only been out for about a week and a half, but Blizzard is already moving quickly to address some community concerns about the character. Earlier this week, Game Director Aaron Keller revealed Lifeweaver is getting a control overhaul in an upcoming update, and now Overwatch 2 Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson has confirmed she's getting significant benefits at the same time.

Specifically, Lifeweaver's Healing Blossom ammo is increasing from 12 to 20, and the slow effect that occurs when charging it will only happen for a full second after holding a full charge. Thorn Volley's spread has also been reduced, her Tree of Life Ultimate has gone up from 1000 to 1200 HP, and the healing bursts from the tree will now regenerate 75 HP instead of 50. Finally, Blizzard is completely removing the Parting ability, a passive similar to a pack drop that triggers when Lifeweaver dies.

"These changes are aimed at increasing Lifeweaver's healing abilities and mitigating some of her weaknesses," Dawson said on his Twitter feed. "We'll continue monitoring her effectiveness over the next few weeks and see if further changes are needed. These changes are in addition to the aforementioned control scheme updates."

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Here are a few important updates to Lifeweaver's kit. With nearly double the Healing Blossom ammo, significantly less slowdown effect when charging the ability, more concentrated Thorn Volley spread, and more health and healing for Tree of Life, Lifeweaver's ability to heal and fight effectively gets a big boost. Removing Parting also ensures Lifeweaver players can't accidentally heal enemies by dying in the wrong place, though it also means teammates can't benefit from the passive.

These changes will be added to Overwatch 2 on April 25th in the same patch that contains the highly anticipated Lifeweaver control overhaul, which means both will be available when Lifeweaver is playable in competitive play. This revamp will move Rejuvenating Dash to the double-jump input (similar to Hanzo's Lunge), with Petal Platform moving to its original input. This will allow players to switch to Thorn Volley and shoot with the alternate fire button, similar to how Moira's Biotic Grasp works.

Dawson also announced there will be additional information about these benefits in a new blog post and a live question-and-answer stream with Aaron Keller. Both are scheduled for April 21st.

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