Problems with the AMD Reference RX 7600 card not fitting some 6+2 pin connectors

The AMD reference design RX 7600 card appears to have a design flaw that may affect some users, specifically by preventing them from fully inserting the required 8-pin auxiliary power connector. We had no problems running the card with our test systems and power supplies, but as TechPowerUp noted, some 6+2 pin connectors may not fit due to the shielding around them.

If you want to buy a "Made By AMD" (MBA) Radeon RX 7600 reference card, you should first confirm that your PSU connectors will fit. Worst case scenario, you can buy an 8-pin extension cable, but that could ruin the aesthetics of your build. Don't waste the chi, man!

The main cause is the lack of space around the 8-pin connector on the board, with a small cutout that may not accommodate some standard 6+2 pin connectors that come with most power supplies. The specific problem is the locking bump for those two additional pins, which may be blocked by the backplate, preventing the complete insertion of the power connector.

The incomplete insertion of the connector did not cause a "freakout," as far as we could tell, unlike NVIDIA and its RTX 4090 connectors. This is likely because AMD’s design flaw in the RX 7600 means the power connector will either fit or not. Users should always ensure any power connector is fully inserted, and it's at least easy to visually confirm if your 6+2 connector is correctly seated. Either way, a 165 W GPU won’t stress the power subsystem as much as the RTX 4090 with its 450 W TDP.

TechPowerUp! says only 20% of the PCIe power connectors they had were incompatible with the RX 7600 design, but it's hard to measure how significant that is. In covering the issue, Igor's Lab said that NVIDIA PCAT power cables (a tool used to measure power) may not be suitable. (Ours do fit…barely, or at least close enough for testing purposes.) Seasonic power supply's native cables may also be affected.

AMD plans to sell its RX 7600 MBA reference cards, although they're currently listed as coming soon. At this point, these models have only been sent out for review, as far as we know. AMD may fix the backplate design for future build cycles, but an alternate solution would be to include an 8-pin extension cable with each purchase. If you're considering getting an RX 7600 card and the issue applies to you, contact AMD support channel, or just get a non-MBA model. The company has not officially commented on this issue yet.

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