Raspberry Pi Adapter Sends iPad Keyboard Input via HID to Devices

Raspberry Pi boards have proved to be incredibly adaptable cards, so it's no surprise to see them popping up as adapters from time to time. They can be easily used to link connections between devices with remarkable versatility. Today we've got another cool adapter to share, this one made by a manufacturer calling themselves Canatee on Reddit. With two Raspberry Pis, Canatee can send text from an iPad using HID as if it were a USB keyboard.

The idea was born, like many, out of a need to solve a problem. In this case, Canatee regularly helps students by providing them with feedback on their writing. Instead of typing common phrases over and over again on their individual devices, this setup allows them to connect the Raspberry Pi Pico and instantly send pre-written messages as if they were typing on a USB keyboard.

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