Reused AMD Radeon RX 500 Series "Polaris" GPUs as keychains

A Chinese computer store, discovered by @Olrak29, apparently had many defective AMD Radeon RX 500 graphics cards based on Polaris in their possession and decided to turn them into keychains. The keychains, which cost around $5, look a little too large for a pocket, but they will perfectly hang on your desk or gaming platform. If used as a keychain, their size is almost a guarantee that your keys will not be lost.

It is difficult to say how these keychains are made. They certainly appear to be cut from a graphics card, then processed to remove the metal parts, painted, and branded with the AMD Radeon RX 500 series logo. Still, it is very possible that the GPU and memory are extracted from a broken graphics card and then affixed to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that already carries the decoration of the Radeon RX 500 series.

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