RTX 4070 price rumored to drop to $549 due to Nvidia partner discount

According to industry sources speaking to Igorslab, the launch environment for the GeForce RTX 4070 has been slow enough to prompt discussions between Nvidia and its AIB partners, with the green team floating the idea of a $50 discount for AIBs. Some RTX 4070 models also started seeing discounts in the US before the weekend, with some MSRP+ cards dropping to $599. If this refund policy is more than just a rumor, then it could mean that the "MSRP" RTX 4070 model will start dropping to $549, due to the invisible hand of Adam Smith.

However, making the RTX 4070 more desirable via price cuts is not an easy task for AIBs, according to internal information from Wallossek. Board partners have had difficulty releasing Nvidia's MSRP cards in the past, and $599 models "almost always feel cheap and poorly implemented," the source said in an earlier report on the RTX 4070 launch. The problem lies in the price of chip/board packages that AIBs purchase from Nvidia, apparently. However, reportedly, Nvidia has given AIBs some breathing room with a $50 discount on their components and discounts on future orders.

Nvidia's AIBs will likely not want to give away the entire $50 price cut right away. Instead, the free market economy should see them push each other in a slow race to that price point. Wallossek suggests that they will try to hold out for the "supposed early launch of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti in May" to avoid cannibalizing this product. However, it would be illegal for AIBs to collude and agree upon price reduction timelines. So instead, some will want to reduce prices first to move their inventory faster and benefit from resulting sales volumes.

Precio de la GeForce RTX 4070

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On the topic of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, Wallossek has additional information to share. We've reported on various RTX 4060 Ti specs and rumored release dates, but the German source has interesting additional information on the upcoming cards. According to Wallossek, AIBs will be trimming many RTX 4060 Ti build specifications to a minimum. Additionally, we'll see a big shift in the cooling design of these graphics cards, with triple-fan cards becoming the exception rather than the rule. Note, according to the latest leaks and spills, these cards should have a TGP of around 160W.

Another upcoming influence on the prices of the RTX 4070 (as well as other mid-range Ada Lovelace GeForce cards) will be the eventual release of AMD RDNA 3 graphics card models, such as the Radeon RX 7800 and 7700 series. They're supposed to launch after Computex, so Nvidia partners have some time to leverage the RTX 40 series designs for a few months. AMD's moves could precipitate

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