SK Hynix unveils 24GB HBM3 modules: up to 819 GB/s

SK Hynix has announced that it has developed the first 24GB, 12-layer HBM3 memory stacks in the industry, offering high density and extreme bandwidth of up to 819 GB/s. The 12-Hi HBM3 products maintain the same height as the company's existing 8-layer HBM3 products, making them easy to implement.

The SK Hynix 24GB KGSD (known as good stack die) HBM3 product places twelve 16GB memory devices connected by silicon vias (TSVs) on a base layer with a 1024-bit interface. The device has a data transfer rate of 6400 MT/s, and thus the entire 24GB HBM3 module offers a bandwidth of 819.2 GB/s.

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