Windows 10X now runs on both screens of Surface Duo

What you need to know

  • External developer Gustave Monce was able to get Windows 10X running on Surface Duo.
  • Originally, Windows 10X was limited to a single Duo screen, but that limitation has been solved.
  • Surface Duo with Windows 10X works in the same way as Surface Neo that Microsoft canceled.

When Microsoft first introduced Surface Duo, the company also announced Surface Neo. The fate of these devices took different paths, with Duo being shipped to consumers and receiving a sequel, while Neo never saw the light of day. Despite this discrepancy, Duo and Neo are now connected by Windows 10X.

Surface Neo was supposed to ship with Windows 10X, a modern version of Windows that gets rid of the legacy and bloat from previous generations. Like Neo, Windows 10X never shipped, but early versions gave us an idea of what a lightweight version of Windows would be like.

Windows 10X was never designed for Duo, which runs Android, but it was forced onto the device.

External developer Gustave Monce worked for years to get Windows working on Duo. He recently ran Windows 10X on the foldable. On Sunday evening, Monce shared that he discovered how to make Windows 10X work on both screens of Surface Duo.

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Shane Craig showed how Windows 10X works on Surface Duo in a recent video.

When run on both screens, the setup looks like a combination of Surface Duo with Android and design cues that made it to Windows 11 from Windows 10X. For example, the Start menu can be opened by swiping up from the minimized taskbar. This feature is available in the latest Insider versions of Windows 11.

Switching an app from one screen to another works very similarly to when Duo runs Android. The main difference is that, instead of swiping up from the bottom, Windows 10X on Surface Duo requires you to swipe down from the top. You can also split an app across two screens.

Surface Duo with Windows 10X is perhaps the closest we've been to a Surface Neo, at least as originally conceived for the PC.

While it is possible to run Windows 10X on a Surface Duo, only technical users should consider attempting to do so. There is an installation guide available on GitHub, but it is important to note that an error could cause your device to brick. There are also issues and several things that won't work with the setup. It's a fun experience but not something intended for a device you plan to use daily.

As our editor Zac Bowden pointed out, the merging of Windows 10X and Surface Duo is poetic. Windows 10X was born, at least in part, from the remnants of the Andromeda operating system, which runs on Surface Duo.

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