Wireless Buttons for Raspberry Pi Pico Control for Bullet Time Video Booth

When you need a small board with a lot of flexibility, it seems the Raspberry Pi is still there in a pinch. Today we have a wonderfully impressive project crafted by Sebastian Staacks that uses a couple of Raspberry Pi Picos to drive a pair of wireless buttons. These buttons trigger a photobooth capable of reproducing the famous bullet time effect from the Matrix movies.

The bullet time effect uses several cameras arranged in a circle or semi-circle. Frames are captured all at once so a frame can serve as a single video frame, enabling you to see a single moment in time from multiple angles. This is one of the many projects we've covered by Staacks. In the past, we've shared his CPU statistics matrix cube tracker and recently his Game Boy RP2040 Transmission Circuit Board. He even joined us for an episode of The Pi Cast to show it off.

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