YouTuber Upgrades Raspberry Pi 4 to 16 GB of RAM

MadEDoctor, a YouTube creator, is back with another RAM upgrade project for Raspberry Pi 4, and this time they are pushing our favorite single-board computer (SBC) to 16 GB. Sort of.

Just over a month ago, MadEDoctor took the lowest specification of Raspberry Pi 4, the 1 GB model, and replaced the RAM with an 8 GB chip. It seems that 8 GB was not enough for MadEDoctor, and using very precise soldering through a hot air rework station (like those on our Best Soldering Irons page) and a kind donation, they attempted to upgrade the RAM to 16 GB.

The blue soldering mat came out, along with fume extraction and plenty of Kapton tape to protect the other chips on the board. The goal of this RAM swap was a Micron 4GB LPDDR4 (D9ZQX) chip that was replaced by a Micron 16GB LPDDR4 (D8CBG). The original RAM was covered in a generous amount of flux, and then the hot air at 420 degrees Celsius was put to work to release the RAM. The RAM chip is held in place by a Ball Grid Array (BGA), and thus, the heat has to loosen every solder ball before the chip will fail. Like before, MadEDoctor cleans the pads with a bit of leaded solder and a solder wick. Make sure each pad is ready for the replacement chip.

The 16 GB RAM chip provided did not come with "solder balls," so a stencil and leaded solder paste were used to "reform balls" on the chip. With all solder balls in place, the chip is ready to be soldered to the Raspberry Pi 4.

Does 16 GB of RAM Work with the Raspberry Pi 4?